Welcome to Prideland Boarding Kennels and Cattery, where we pride ourselves on being more like a hotel for dogs than a boarding kennel, complete with entertainment, cooked meals, a winter fire and summer air-conditioning, and soothing music to sleep by.

Each of our boarding kennels are more than twice the size of many other facilities, with both an indoor and outdoor section, connected by a dog door. We have tried to make the boarding kennels as homely as possible, with a coloured, non-slip floor, painted walls with border prints, hanging pictures and even curtains. Every dog has their own bed, raised from the floor and decorated with a brightly coloured quilt. We also encourage owners to bring along their own bedding or familiar toys for their pet, as something with the scent of home will often help them settle in much faster.

Smaller or older dogs are housed on the opposite side of the boarding kennels to the larger, boisterous types, where they are away from anyone that could intimidate them. Energetic dogs have twenty meter grassed areas where they can race around to their heart’s content. Whether they be young or old, large or small, all dogs can splash about in their own paddling pool, dig in the sand, chew on their toys or laze under the shaded area.

In the summer many boarding kennels can get extremely hot, and it’s been known for both dogs and cats to die from heat exhaustion. In the winter many boarding kennels are also bitterly cold, and often the night time temperatures can plummet to below freezing. Many of the pets we care for are used to spending their days spread out under the air conditioner or lazing beside the heater. It’s not fair to expect these pets to survive in an overheated or freezing cold kennel and we would never want them to. We have evaporative air conditioning in the boarding kennels, cattery and small animal areas to cool everyone during the hot summer days and nights. In the winter we have wood heaters that keeps everything nice and warm, and some years we can go through seven tonne of wood in our efforts to keep your pets comfortable.

It’s important that when dogs are in boarding kennels that they still get the individual attention they would normally receive at home and hear their names every day. One of the biggest problems of living in a boarding kennel is that dogs (or cats) lose their sense of identity, and hearing their names and responding to their names is one way to combat this.

If your dog loves hugs then we’re quite happy to sit down and give them a snuggle, if they’re a ball fanatic then we’ll throw the ball for them, or even if they like a good game of tug of war then we’re ready, willing and able to play along! We have volunteers who visit the boarding kennels several times a week, playing with the cats and dogs for hours at a time, entertaining them to their heart’s content.

Even mealtimes at Prideland Boarding Kennels aren’t forgotten in our pampering of your pets. We cook every day for all the dogs. They have a combination of cooked lean chicken mince, steamed jasmine rice and at least two steamed vegetables, many of which are organically grown in our own garden. We mix all of this together with whichever dog biscuits are suitable for your pet, whether this be puppy, adult, light or mini-biscuits. The dogs also usually have cooked eggs once a week, depending upon supply as they’re provided by our own free range hens.

We have plenty of other meal choices available for the fussy types, including Prota pet polony roll, minced beef or kangaroo, which can be served raw or cooked. For those who absolutely insist on being pampered, we even have slices of roast chicken or pork in the freezer, as well as spaghetti bolognaise with pasta. If your dog is on a special diet then we can either try to accommodate their needs within the boarding kennels or you can supply their food for them. All our meals are already low fat and gluten and preservative free, so anyone on a diet is easily catered for.

Once a week we have “bones night”, when in addition to their dinner each dog has raw bones and marrow bones to chew on. This is great for their teeth and provides hours of entertainment for your four legged friend. We only feed raw bones, as cooked bones have the potential to cause all sorts of medical complications.

The boarding kennels have piped music 24 hours a day, usually 94.5 FM during the day and sleeping to something soothing and relaxing, such as Beethoven or Mozart.

At Prideland Boarding Kennels and Cattery we pride ourselves on having a high level of cleanliness in every aspect of our facilities. The boarding kennels are cleaned every day, disinfected and bleached then hosed with water to remove any bacteria or bugs that may be lurking around. The grassed runs are also poopa scooped daily. Each time a dog leaves the boarding kennels their bedding is washed and hung in the sun to dry, and their kennel is well bleached. All food bowls and cooking utensils are washed in hot soapy water each and every day. We have a fully functional kitchen and laundry at Pridelands Boarding Kennels, complete with instant gas hot water, which allows us to keep such a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in all that we do.

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