The Beginning

Pet Kennels Perth

The vision for Prideland Boarding Kennels and Cattery began way back in the mid 1990’s, while breeding and showing our own dogs, at that time being rough-coated Collies. We wanted somewhere our dogs could live, where they’d be safe and secure, yet still have plenty of room to run around and keep themselves well exercised.

We wanted a boarding kennel set up in such a way that our dogs could come and go as they pleased all day, running around outside to their heart’s content and then coming inside where it was nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We also wanted somewhere our cats could be safe from harm, away from snakes, baits and anyone who might be taking pot-shots at foxes. Somewhere they could do all the things cats love to do; climb, scratch and roll around, but above all somewhere they could find all sorts of odd places to fall asleep.

When deciding to build a boarding kennel/cattery facility to accommodate our own animals, it was a logical step to include additional space for the boarding of other people’s pets, too. It also made complete sense, to us, that the boarding animals deserved exactly the same facilities as our own beloved pets and show dogs. That was the beginnings of the vision for Pridelands.

We also had an assortment of other animals that formed part of our extended family, including birds, chickens, turkeys, sheep, horses, and fish. We knew we weren’t the only family with a similar mixture of pets, and realised there was nowhere that catered for the boarding of all animals.

While we realised that most families weren’t quite so encumbered by the furred and feathered as we were, most people with pets do have more than just a cat or dog in the family. There are many boarding kennels out there that will happily care for your dog and catteries to look after your felines, and even a few that even catered for both, but what happened to the rest of the extended family? Grandma usually ended up with Flopsy the rabbit, Aunt Martha inherited George the budgerigar for the holidays and the neighbour down the road got the unenviable job of trying to keep Bubbles the goldfish swimming up the right way. It was usually Mum who ended up spending days before the holiday ferrying everyone to and fro and then going around again afterwards collecting up the survivors.

It became our vision to create a boarding facility where ALL animals were welcome, where people could just drop off all their animals together, and then collect them all together again afterwards. It took many years of planning and study, but finally that vision became a reality, and Prideland Boarding Kennel and Cattery was born…

Pet Kennels Perth